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Blogging Our Journey

Living a Missionary Life

God is our positioning system. Without Him as GPS, we can't take on any journey and we will get lost.

Without Him, we would never have been able to take on this journey of faith.


Travel with us through our precious memories, far and strange roads, photographs, challenges, and testimonies

This is a time we will never forget. We cherish every moment. We thank the Lord that we were able to make it a part of our lives for a short time. Central North Malawi is in our blood. In the Village of Simlemba we left our hearts behind. We are sure of one thing, one day, we will go back.


Milanie Vosloo sums it up perfectly. (OUT: LET HIS LOVE GUIDE YOU: MALANIE VOSLOO – PUBLISHED BY CUM)


Your Journey of Faith

Now we see things only vaguely as in a dull mirror, but one day everything will be clear to us. Now I understand only in part, but one day I will fully understand, just as God now fully understands me. 1 Corinthians 13:12


Faith is a journey: A journey of discovery that we have undertaken since we first heard about Jesus, until one day we ourselves stand before the living God. Now, we all know that a journey isn't necessarily just moonlight and roses, a smooth ride, in which we move from point A to point B with ease. Quite often, a journey is accompanied by adversity, unexpected detours, difficult phases, and serious stray times.


Accept today that as a believer you can go through phases when you wonder about the meaningfulness of your faith, about God's goodness, and about the truths of Scripture. You may even feel hopelessly lost in your world of faith from time to time. Moreover, the evil one has a way of completely confusing a Christians' GPs to through them off course. That is why it is so important that under all circumstances we will hold-on to the Father in Faith. That regardless of all the different fields of faith and influences on our lives, we will keep Him and Him alone. And every day we will pray: Spirit of God, please help me to truly believer


A journey of faith is not for the faint hearted. But a journey without faith isn’t either!