Learn, Love, and Serve in Africa

Africa Children Aid



We are committed to Make Disciples of all Nations. By combining the social concern for Africa Children in need, with Christian discipleship making we can do this. We believe that through obeying the Great Commandments we can fulfil the Great Commission. We believe that evangelism involves both the declaration of truth and the demonstration of love, because Teaching about Gods Love can only be confirmed though Living Gods Love.


  • To work with other Christian organizations and Churches to provide basic training regarding child care and community upliftment in the rural villages

  • To provide a safe space for volunteers and students to work from.

  • Voluntering in Africa must not be a nightmare, it must be something our volunteers and students will remember with a smile.


What we Stand For:


AFRICA CHILDREN AID - To Love, To Serve, To Help and Equip - We cannot change Africa but we can change one village at a time


Success Indicators

  • Children are a gift from GOD, We need to show His love and mercy by assisting where possible.  

  • To give every child the opportunity to a brighter future.

  • To give dignity (especialy to young girls).

  • To create a habbit of growing vegetables and teach on preserving this

  • To Establish a habbit of growing and preserving vegetables for dry seasons.


Fundamental Principles and Values

  • We are Reborn Children of the Almighty Father. We belief in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • We are Honest and trustworthy. We belief in being good stewards of resources and in exercising frugality.

  • We are compassionate about the Children in Africa. We can relate to their needs and have a desire to make a difference.

  • We have a passion for Africa and the People of Africa. Our everyday hopes and dreams are about the children in Africa and assisting in their needs.

  • We are rendering a Voluntary Service. To our Local Communities, and the Wider Africa Community

  • We believe in Unity. We work as a team with a team. No one is left behind or favored.

  • We believe in equity. No one will be discriminated on or by Color, Race, Gender. Language, Religion, or class. We are all equal before God.

  • We are Humble and know that nothing we accomplish or do is through our self. It is through the Hand of God, who leads us.



  • Childrens Ministry

  • Womens Ministry

  • Give dignity

  • Clothing 

  • Shoes

  • Sanitary Ware

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Preserving Food

  • Clean Water

  • Basic Early Childhood Development

  • Sewing Classes

  • Food Preparation

  • School Supplies



Providing clean Water for the Children is one of our biggest desires. On our travels we found thousands of children with no excess to clean water. Water pump is available at some villages but still this is for some children a good 30 minute to one hour walk to get some clean cool water. According to the "Borgen Project research" Approximately 30,000 people die every year in Malawi from issues caused by dirty water, namely diarrhea, dysentery, parasitic infections and food and water-borne illnesses.​​​​​​"  This statistics does not even include other factors that is linked to the Water problem.  The following Direct factors will raise this mentioned number drastically if it can only be calculated.


MALARIA - Children collecting water at sunrise. Rivers and Lakes are super breed areas of the Malaria mosquito. 

MALNUTRITION- Local farmers plant before the rainy season, to harvest in the dry season. With the water crisis families are not able to make vegetable gardens at their homes for family use through the year. The result being living on the harvest of Maize as a main food sourse with no additional vegetables to provide the needed vitamins and mineral required to fight malnutrition in the children.(Food is nothing without hygiene | UNICEF Malawi)

COVID 19 and HYGIENE - Without clean water proper sanitation measures cannot be adhered to (Clean Water Is Crucial to Fight the Spread of COVID-19 (

ANIMAL ATTACKS - Collecting water is dangerous in areas where there is crocodiles ( malawi-crocodiles-make-fetching-water-a-life-threatening-experience/ )

The main factor people miss, Not only children are affected, but at the end ALL the children are effected. When a parent pass due to one or more of these factors, that child is left behind as an orphan. Life is difficult as it is, being a orphan is even worse. (Malawi Orphan fact sheet)


We as a Non Profit Organisation needs international Help to be able to assist the villages where we work. We need to stand together, take hands and make a difference. Water is a crutial factor in the life of every person. Immagine going without water for a week...

Please spread the word - WE NEED INTERNATIONAL HELP- to help the villagers in Malawi. One borehole can change the life of up to 200 people.


Africa Children Aid is a registered Non Profit Company in South Africa. Enterprise Number: 2019 / 618510 / 08