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missions in africa (MIA PROGRAM)



Be Prepared, Be Equipped. Join us for 6 months of On-site Africa Missions and Discipleship Training at the UFUMU Base in Mzuzu, Malawi. UMF has partnered with several World known Missions Training Organisations to be able to provide the most relevant and appropriate Christian Missions Training for the Africa Nations. We believe that through thorough research and studies we have a complete and relevant Missions Program that focus on the people groups and specific challenges of the Africa Continent.


Our studies are Holy Spirit led and Biblical Principles is the backbone of all our Courses and Outreaches. Africa Tribalism and Ancestor worship is a reality. Extreme Demonic activities is a daily occurrence, and the spiritual realm is well known in Africa. Unfortunately, so little training is available for this, therefor we have done proper research to equip the servants for Africa missions. We are also proud to say we have a World Class Sending Organization backing us. Once our students has completed the course they can apply throught World Outreach International - Advancing The Cause ( for placement in the missions field.


The Six-Month Training program consist of and Induction and 16 Modules Theoretical Training, Practical Outreaches and Community work:



The introduction to the administration and support behind your decision to be a Disciple of Christ. Support is one of the most important aspects that must be addressed.


Prayer and Ministry

In this module we are going to look at the insights of Dr. Henry Vermont and Dr. Dick Brogden. Both have done pioneer work under unreached people groups of the world. It is about Abiding in Jesus and is a study of John 15: 1-8. This module consists out of Theory, but it is all about inspiring learners to abide in Christ. This an intense practical module.


The Bible and Missions

At Ufumu Missions Foundation we strive to ensure that all that we teach is Biblical. That is why we investigate and study Biblical Principles. The great commission is one of those aspects that is often preach but not properly understood. In this module we will have a look at the Biblical Theme most important to God. We look at how the Gospel advanced and examples how the great commission started in the Old Testament and how it looks in the New Testament. We Conclude reflecting on discovering Gods end Goal. This module is beautifully balanced and includes a lot of Reading, Reflecting and Prayer.


The Call to Missions

It is an inspiring module that deals with the purpose of Missions. We look at what God is doing in the world. It takes a deep look at our view of Eternal Life. As Missionaries you will always be Guided by the Lord, we look at some of the Biblical Principles with regards to Guidance from the Lord. As Learners we will have in detail discussions on what guidance measures to avoid which is not seen as part of the Kingdom of God. Expect a lot of reading, possible long class discussions and Prayer.



In this Module we look at what Missiology is. We investigate the primary purposes of Missions. We look at the life of five Missionaries and their contribution to Missions. We peek at what is seen as a culture. This module is a prerequisite for some of the modules to come where we will be dealing in much more details on what Cross Culture missions looks like, especially in the African perspective. This module is an adventure for Learners. A lot of Reading and group discussions will take place.


History of Missionaries

This is an exciting look at Missionaries from the past that had a big influence on how we look at Missions today. It is exciting to see that God uses ordinary people to do extra ordinary things. This module will also deal with some of the biggest Revivals that took place. The learner has an insight on what ignited people to do extra ordinary things for God. We will have a look at the life of people like William Carrey, Taylor Hudson and some other exiting people who gave there everything to God. Learners can expect to be left in awe and yes, a lot of reading and some deep personal reflection.


What do Missionaries do?

This is an important question that needs a thorough answer. It requires a lot of understanding and insight. In this module the learner will learn what he or she need to do on the Mission Field. We will study the different stages for example the Entry and go Phases. This Module includes a lot of Practical work. The learners will visit Villages, Market places and anywhere the Holy Spirit Guides us to go. It is an eye-opening real life learning experience that is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time.


Old and New Testament Surveys

During this study, the learner will experience the Bible as a powerful and rewarding study. The purpose of this training is to give the learner insight into when, by who and for who the different books in the Bible was written for. It promises to be full of new revelations of the Bible and its books. It will also provide some known History which goes hand in hand with the word of God. Expect tons of Bible reading and Prayer. At Ufumu Missions Foundation we rely on the Holy Spirit to open the word of God. During your visit we will search for the Holy Spirit so that he can open your heart to receive and understand the word of God.


Crossing Cultures 101

Ufumu Missions Foundation has partnered with an International Training Organization called Field Partner International. They have extensive Cross Culture Experience. Ufumu Missions Foundation rely on their experience to teach Learners in the Areas of Cross Culture Training. Learners will receive training in the processes of Knowing Thyself, the process, and challenges of Culture Adaption and how to find Support for Missionaries who is involved in Cross Culture and frontier Missions. The Lectures is a combination of Video Clips and Reading.


Developing Leadership for Cross Culture

In this Module our experienced partner Field Partner International provide Vital learning for developing Leadership in the Cross Culture setup. Learners will be taught how to Identify leadership potential. The objectives of Leadership Training and some practical steps towards leadership development will be looked at. Learners will be required to spend some more time among the immediate communities near the Ufumu Missions Foundation basecamp in Malawi. This training is a combination of Video Clips reading and reflection.


Africa Religion Studies

This is one of the most exiting modules with the aim of studying and being exposed to the indigenous African Religion. The learner will cover areas like the African Philosophy, worldviews, and a thorough understanding of the way Africans see the world. During this module we will deal with important issues which missionaries working in Africa need to know. This includes witchery and sorcery, and how African People view this. We will also deal with the important issue like driving out Demons as it is a reality in the African context. This module requires a lot of reading and a lot of prayer. It is a life changing experience, whereby the power of God is clearly visible. During this module students will have the opportunity to speak to some of our subject knowledge experts residing in Malawi.


Missions 101

This Training is based on the work of Dr. Henry Vermont and his wife, who spent 10 years with an unreached people group in Africa. In his teachings he deals with topics like the Great Cloud of Witnesses, the Remaining Task, Challenges to Missionaries and Missions Strategies. This is an intense look at Missions and the learner can expect lots of reading, Prayer, group discussions and personal reflection. This module has 45 sessions and is a combination of video clips by Dr. Vermont and a lot of reading.


Roles in Missions

As Disciples of Jesus, we are called to war for souls. Dr. Vermont shares some vital learning with regards to different roles people have in Missions. He touches areas like callings and responses to Gods call. He shares important information with regards to the preparation period. He also shares important aspects of Money and Missions out of his experience of being a frontier missionary along with his wife for 10 years. This module is a combination of video clips by Dr. Vermont and a lot of reading.


School of Money

At Ufumu Missions Foundation we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. As adult learning is a lifelong experience, we believe that we can learn from other organizations. We are privileged to be able to present a DCI global learning program” School of Money” by Dr Les Norman. In this module the learner will be introduced to important social issues like fighting poverty through Jesus Christ. Learners will have the opportunity to see a Biblical story that even in a sun-scorched land God in his mercy send water to Isaac. Learners will learn of the Currency of Gods Kingdom and the different Keys to the Kingdom. This module requires a lot of reading and Praying. We trust that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of learners to see it as truths.


Fundraising for Missionaries

Money and fundraising are a sensitive and mostly avoiding topic in the Christian Missions world. Dr. Vermont again takes us on a journey on how it feels to raise money for 10 years. He teaches learners how to identify obstacles when raising funds. He deals with examples of fundraising in the old and new testament. The learner will also have an opportunity to look at the principle of Ministry funding in the Bible. This module requires the learner to build confidence in his fundraising attempts.


Church Planting

In this module students will learn the process of establishing a group of believers, to the point that they are able to start and continue a local church, without help from the outside.


After Completion of the full 6 month course UMF will issue a Diploma of Proficiency to the student which he/she can use to obtain a missions possition at their individual church or organisation. 


Serving under the experienced wings of Africa Children Aid when we do our Practical outreaches and Community work in the Villages surrounding us. We will Assist ACA and their Volunteers with Children Programs, Community Programs, Vegetable Gardens, Upliftment Programs and several more. 


During the Six-Month Program we will also do two outreaches to other villages in Rural Malawi, where we and ACA will work together on the programs. Our Aim is JESUS Love and that alone. No Action, Preaching, Teaching, Upliftment will mean anything if we cannot Carry the LOVE of Jesus in our hearts and be the Light in the Darkness. 


God Is Love

God does not only operate in love — He is love.

I John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

I John 4:16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.



Not every minute is spent behind the books. There will be enough time to relax and experience Africa. Students will get the opportunity to Swim in the beautiful Lake Malawi, Visit a Game Reserve, Shop Africa Style, Trade in local Markets, Hike through villages, Camp on Lakeshore and several more.



Administration and Registration Cost - Non Refundable and Payable on Acceptace - Cost R1500 /$100

Mission Fee - Training Modules are free. The fee payable is for and include Study Material, Accommodation, 2 Meals per day, Outreach Fees and Group (planned) Weekend Excursions  -Cost R4 500 /$ 350 per month (6 months) or R22000 / $1800 once off

PLEASE NOTE: Students are liable for their own Travel/ Flight arrangements and fees as well as Visa, Passport,  Medical, Medical Insurance and personal Costs. The monthly fees does NOT include spending money or personal requirements like medication, clothing, toiletries, sweets and drinks.