reach the unreached

AND love the unloved





Making disciples among people of other cultures requires special knowledge and skills. Our distance training will be available from August 2022. Enroll and do the course at your own pace.  


1. Enroll for Training.

2. Pay registration fee of R500.

3. Training material are free.

4. Once registration is done, we will send you module 1 with the assesment sheet.

5. On Completion, you submit your assessment  and will receive the next module.

6. After completion of all 10 modules, you will Pay a Certificate fee of R150 and receive a certificate of completion.




General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply for the Online Discipleship program, delivered by Ufumu Missions Foundation.


The learner agrees that the training of the “Online Discipleship program” will be provided to him whether taking form as Document, video clips or Audio    clips. The learner agrees and understand that the training is pure self-study and online training.

UMF have agreements in place to use training materials from other organizations, Churches, or business.

UMF do not charge any fee for any training it provides. The total cost charged is for registration, administration and certification.

UMF undertakes to supply the learner with the necessary learning material. Learners is responsible for their own stationary like pens, pencils, notebooks etc.

Certification on Successful Completion of Training

Ufumu Missions Foundation will issue a Certificate of completion for the Rural Discipleship Program (RDP PROGRAM) once all 10 modules have been completed and assessments submitted and marked.

Course info

The training consist of ten (10) modules with relevant topics with regards to Rural Discipleship.

Training Requirements

Internet access, required. If you study from you smartphone, please have a PDF reader installed

Assessments and Examination

Learners will undergo several written assessments.


Self-Study from your home.

Training Hours

Self-Study from your home

Duration of Training

The Student will have one year to complete this training course.

Fees and Payment

Payment of registration fee must be made once the learner receive the Registration Confirmation email from UFUMU. On Receipt of the payment the first Module and assessment sheet will be forwarded to the student.

Use of Training Material

Ufumu Training Material is for the exclusive use of the Trainers and Trainees of UFUMU MISSIONS FOUNDATION. This material may not be reproduced, distributed or sold without prior consent from UFUMU MISSIONS Foundation.

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